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This Christmas

There are over 8,000 charities that you can donate to directly on JustGiving. Many of them you might not have heard of, but are doing amazing work out of the limelight. Sometimes they don’t receive the recognition and donations they deserve. So this Christmas, we’d like to spread the giving and make sure that every charity benefits from the season of goodwill.

Hazel Tiffany's Christmas angel campaign for Hives Save Lives - Africa

Thanks to your generosity. Hives Save Lives - Africa won't feel forgotten this Christmas. The more you give, the more likely your friends and family are to raise their donations to match.

Hives Save Lives - Africa

The charity is focused on poverty alleviation, and believes that the best way to achieve this is to provide people with the means to earn a livelihood - helping people to help themselves. It provides beekeeping equipment and training to generate viable incomes for marginalised and agriculturally dependent communities.

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